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How STELLA Differs from ChatGPT

When it comes to AI-powered systems for customer service, one of the most popular tools on the market today is ChatGPT. However, when it comes to automotive industry-specific virtual assistants, STELLA Automotive AI is a true disruptor in the industry.

STELLA is a modern Artificial Intelligence voice assistant designed to automatically answer questions in a human tone, find and book appointments, answer inbound calls and more. Compared to traditional chatbots like ChatGPT, STELLA is more than a simple text-based conversational interface, it combines language and speech capabilities with conversational AI that can automatically respond to, and direct conversation based on context. STELLA also seamlessly integrates with your existing dealership software, requiring no additional user input, software, employee training or oversight from a technical team.

While it may seem like STELLA and ChatGPT are the same thing, in this blog, we’ll highlight the distinct differences between the two AI tools.

Designed for Dealerships

STELLA Automotive AI is specifically designed for car dealerships and the unique needs of the automotive retail and service industry. Offering a range of functionalities which cater to various dealership communication areas like Service Drive, BDC, and inbound phone calls —STELLA reliably improves communication and function throughout your dealership without increasing your payroll.

With STELLA, the dealer is in full control. This means that STELLA adheres to your brand voice, policies, disclosures and follows your rules. Unlike ChatGPT, you have more control over how STELLA interacts with your customers, which ensures that your dealership's unique voice and values are accurately represented.

A groundbreaking development in dealership technology, STELLA AI is disrupting the auto sales game like no other AI tool has. When asked about how dealers are using this revolutionary tool, STELLA Automotive AI CEO Rich Sands is quoted as saying “It's about how they apply this powerful new tool into their dealership without losing control of their customers in their workflow and in their business processes.” Taking the industry by storm, STELLA offers cutting edge technology that is straightforward and easy to integrate.

If you’re searching for a flexible and fully-customizable solution tailored to your dealership's specific needs — look no further than STELLA Automotive AI.

Fully Integrated Automotive AI

One of the major differences between STELLA and ChatGPT is that STELLA is a true AI company with a focus on the automotive industry — not a chatbot. This means that their focus is solely on developing advanced AI algorithms to provide top-notch solutions for the automotive retail industry. STELLA is a fully integrated system that works together seamlessly with your existing DMS to respond to customer requests and inquires instantaneously without any additional input from you or your employees.

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model to have natural conversations with users. It’s essentially a text-based assistant that relies on machine learning algorithms as well as user input to understand user intent and generate responses. While ChatGPT can be useful for business to provide basic information and respond to customer inquiries, it has some limitations when it comes to automotive dealerships that only STELLA can overcome.

Works Around the Clock

STELLA stands out for its ability to handle calls as an intelligent digital assistant that connects to any phone system, day or night, without the need for oversight. With STELLA, dealerships can efficiently manage inbound calls, answer customer questions, book appointments and even send texts/emails to individuals or entire departments all without any user input or oversight. This frees up your employees to focus on more high-priority customers and tasks all while increasing your dealership's efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Celebrates the Phone

Perhaps the biggest differentiator between STELLA and other AI software solutions is that STELLA celebrates every dealership’s hottest lead — the phone. While other AI software solutions are text-based chatbots and lack the human-touch of a natural conversation, STELLA is interactive and actually speaks with customers on the phone. This human-like touch makes customers feel more at ease while delivering the benefits of AI-powered conversation.

One Price, No Hidden Fees

When it comes to pricing, STELLA is offered at a flat rate, with no long-term contracts or per-minute fees. This means that your dealership won’t be caught off-guard by hidden fees and expenses.

Demo STELLA Today

If you’re a dealership searching for an AI chatbot solution, STELLA Automotive AI is the perfect fit. With its industry-specific knowledge of automotive dealership workflows, seamless integration, proprietary technology, data security, extreme flexibility and 24/7 support — STELLA delivers superior customer experiences while helping your dealership reduce costs, retain more leads, close more deals and even boost revenue.

Take STELLA for a test drive — contact us to schedule your free demo of STELLA Automotive AI today.

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