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STELLA has helped us solve our BDC recruiting and training issues by providing us with a consistent and reliable phone response system. Our customers' calls are always answered in a professional way. Calls are short and effective. Customers are happy, employees are happy and the dealerships are saving money.

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Case Studies

Case Study:

Germain Motor Company

Shaun “NIFF” Kniffin, Director of Marketing & Technology for the Germain Motor Company recognized that some stores were experiencing longer than average hold times and a higher percentage of calls that did not reach the intended agents. Without a functioning service BDC some stores were creating bottle necks of callers with multiple attempts from customers trying to reach their designated service advisors to either schedule appointments or receive quick status updates.

Case Study:

Boch Toyota

Jason Aufiero, General Manager of Boch Toyota, recognized that they were missing calls and that customers were complaining about not being able to get through to the dealership to set appointments. He leveraged his third-party BDC to help, but the BDC got too bogged down answering calls that they couldn’t place their expected outbound revenue-generating calls.

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