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Who is STELLA Automotive AI?

The most intelligent Auto AI in dealerships today

STELLA Automotive AI leads conversational AI technology in the automotive industry. Headquartered in Tampa, STELLA has developed leading auto AI with a team of over 100 scientists and engineers, including 35 PHDs, around the world. We specialize in AI-enabled SAAS platforms specifically designed for the automobile industry. STELLA empowers automotive dealerships to deliver exceptional customer experiences using transformative conversational AI technology.

Why choose STELLA?

STELLA is a trustworthy, multi-intelligent voice assistant that can seamlessly handle all dealership inbound calls, answer questions in a human-like approachable tone and find and book appointments with rapid speed. Similar to products like Alexa® and Siri®, STELLA integrates with existing auto dealer software (e.g., Cox Automotive and others) to deliver reliable communication solutions. STELLA is the most award-winning automotive AI company in automotive.


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How we got started

Founded by Josselyn Boudett, STELLA Automotive AI is powered by Tiger Sharp AI developed by Telepathy Labs, Inc, a world-class AI technology provider. Telepathy Labs operates a platform of Speech, Voice, and Semantic technology and is supplying AI solutions to Fortune 500 Companies around the world. STELLA customers benefit from privileged access to the large and prestigious staff of auto AI scientists and engineers at the Lab.

Our Founder

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Josselyn Boudett has 25 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, including serving in executive roles on the boards of seven international AI companies. Josselyn founded STELLA Automotive AI to help dealerships manage their inbound service scheduling calls. She is also the founder and Chairman of Telepathy Labs, a global enterprise that builds turnkey AI solutions to help enterprises pivot legacy systems into market-leading information assets. Josselyn Boudett directed global workforces at both Hewlett Packard and Lucent Technology. She is a thought leader and advises OEMs, Fortune 500 executives, government leaders and boards of directors to understand and apply AI in their organizations. Josselyn's extensive experience in AI has turbocharged the success of STELLA among automotive AI companies.

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Our Sales Team

Sherri Eidenberg
VP of US Dealer Sales

Sherri Eidenberg is an automotive and software leader of over 20 years. Prior to joining STELLA, Sherri served as the Vice President of North America Dealers for Liveperson. Sherri worked her way up to leadership roles at Cox including being a top leader at Autotrader.com and contributing to the launch of KBB's Instant Cash Offer.

STELLA has a comprehensive national sales team. To inquire about our products and services, please call 727-955-3550 or schedule a demo.


Enterprise Team

Cate Hegarty

Director of Enterprise Dealer Logistics

Ron Smith

Director of Enterprise Sales

National Team

Terin Burks

Territory Sales Director

Brandi Counter

Territory Sales Director

Heather Hathaway

Territory Sales Director

Lindsay Llewellyn

Territory Sales Director

Eric Painter

National Sales Director

Michael Vandemark

Territory Sales Director

May deLoach

Territory Sales Director

The Sales team is supported by a worldwide network of automotive AI professionals.

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