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Conversational AI for your Phones

Answer your customers’ calls in one ring. No more wait or on-hold time.

STELLA solves your customer engagement problems with conversational artificial intelligence that has never been used before in the automotive industry. Your customers can now enjoy the type of engagement they expect while your dealership improves CSI and lowers costs.

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Service Receptionist

Answer the Service Telephone lines

  • Answer the phone after one ring or at any point in the IVR process requested by the dealership.
  • Answer call after work hours and on the weekends.
  • Answer thousands of calls at one time.

Scheduler Integration

Integrate with the Service Scheduler

  • Identify all existing customers from their phone number.
  • Create new profiles for new customers by collecting customer and vehicle information.
  • Access the calendar and negotiate appointment times.
  • Access the op codes and transportation codes to match customer needs and preferences for their appointments.


Schedule, Cancel, Transfer and Confirm appointments

  • Use the Scheduler to schedule service appointments.
  • Identify customers with appointments and allow them to change or cancel their appointments.
  • If a customer requests an employee, STELLA can transfer the call to that person.


No Supervisor Needed

  • Work through breaks, vacations, overnight and weekends.
  • Self-training.


  • Provide a report of every call answered, transferred and appointment booked.

We are a proud member of the Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR). The goal of STAR is to use non-proprietary technology (IT) standards as a catalyst in fulfilling the business information needs of dealers and manufacturers while reducing the time and effort required to support related activities. STAR develops voluntary industry standards and researches emerging technologies for the benefit of the industry. STAR is considered the leading IT standards organization for Automotive's 17,000+ franchise dealerships.

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Service Scheduling Examples

Nissan, Existing Customer Booking Appointment

Honda, New Customer Booking Appointment

Honda, Call Canceling Service

Ford, Existing Customer Booking Appointment

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"STELLA handles all of the simple calls that come in, allowing our Service Advisors to focus on more complex issues"

Automotive BDC Director

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