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STELLA Service Booking AI Unleashes Expanded Connectivity

At STELLA Automotive AI, we are excited to announce the expansion of our service booking AI! Our advanced artificial intelligence digital voice assistant is seamlessly integrated with industry-leading service schedulers such as Xtime, Reynolds and Reynolds, and Affinitv. We have now expanded our connections to provide support and superior service to a larger number of dealerships.

How Can STELLA Service Booking Help?

STELLA Service Booking has always focused on providing fast and convenient options for both customers and dealerships when it comes to booking service appointments. Integrating STELLA with your service scheduler or Dealer Management System makes scheduling service easier for the customer while simultaneously reducing your dealership’s staffing costs, increasing service bookings and improving customer satisfaction.

How STELLA Helps Your Customers

Using STELLA, customers can book a service appointment in two minutes or less — 24 hours a day, seven days a week — without ever being placed on hold. Not only does this save customers time, but it also eliminates the frustration felt by customers when dealing with touch-tone menus or waiting for a human to pick up the phone. STELLA even answers on the first ring — every time!

Another great feature of STELLA is that she can quickly identify known customers and their vehicles via phone number recognition. This allows STELLA to offer service appointment times based on prior appointment history, providing your customers with a personalized experience and eliminating the need for customers to repeat their information each time they call.

How STELLA Helps Your Dealership

On the dealership end, STELLA frees up your employees from handling inbound calls, allowing more time to be spent helping customers in your dealership. STELLA is capable of handling multiple calls simultaneously while accurately booking service appointments against 250+ opcodes, all in two minutes or less.

Did we mention that STELLA runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — all without requiring breaks, bonuses or benefits? STELLA does the work of multiple people with ease, so why not add her to your team?

Service Schedulers STELLA Supports

As the service booking sector advances with cutting-edge technology, STELLA remains at the forefront by enhancing its service scheduler integration and fostering strategic partnerships. STELLA currently supports a wide range of schedulers and DMS, including:


  • CDK
  • Reynolds and Reynolds
  • Tekion

Service Schedulers

  • Xtime
  • Affinitiv
  • myKaarma
  • Update Promise

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate with as many service schedulers as possible, allowing us to provide the most effortless service booking experience for both customers and dealerships. As our integration and partnership network continues to expand, dealerships can trust that STELLA will be able to easily integrate with their existing service scheduling technology or DMS.

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If reducing staffing costs, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing service bookings are on your dealership's to-do list, then STELLA Service Booking is for you! With STELLA, dealerships can offer their customers a fast, convenient, and personalized service booking experience — all while reducing costs and freeing up employees to provide better in-person service.

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