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Case Study
Jason Aufiero

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“The biggest benefit is how easy it is for a customer to book an appointment.  Our customers like STELLA.” – Jason Aufiero


Jason Aufiero, General Manager of Boch Toyota, recognized that they were missing calls and that customers were complaining about not being able to get through to the dealership to set appointments. He leveraged his third-party BDC to help, but the BDC got too bogged down answering calls that they couldn’t place their expected outbound revenue-generating calls.


Jason researched systems to supplement his BDC and discovered STELLA.  He found that STELLA could handle some of the simpler inbound calls using its cognitive reasoning and ability to streamline repetitive tasks.  According to Jason, “STELLA offers our customers a seamless experience. Even though it’s automated, STELLA sounds very natural and is able to set appointments very efficiently.”


After two months, Jason now relies on STELLA to answer all inbound service calls. Jason says, “We have realized a cost savings with our external BDC, but the biggest benefit is that all our customers calls are getting through – and they are no longer complaining. It has been a game changer for our Service Department.”

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