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Meet STELLA: real conversational AI for car dealerships

I'm STELLA, your digital assitant.


No more awkward pauses or long menu options for your customers. No more transfers to the wrong department or wrong person. Think about all the calls that have been lost because frustrated customers have hung up.

STELLA™ professionally answers your service calls, 24/7/365, and scales to any call volume. Installation is seamless and can be completed in a few weeks.

Dealership Benefits

  • Answer More Service Calls - STELLA captures calls when your teams are busy.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction - Erase hold times.
  • Promote BDC Value - Allow BDC to focus on outbound calls.
  • Service Scheduler Integration - STELLA sets service appointments directly into the service scheduler.

Think Siri for Automotive.

STELLA listens and remembers everything your customer says

STELLA connects and integrates with your existing phone system and scheduler to transfer calls and book appointments

STELLA never takes a break or holidays or sick days

STELLA is your next best hire

Find out how STELLA can reduce your expenses and increase your customer satisfaction scores today!

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