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Problem Solved: It takes too long to schedule a service appointment on the phone.

When you combine the industry average hold time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds with the five minutes it takes a human to access the scheduling software, confirm name, vehicle, service needed and then negotiate appointment times, you're looking at an 8-minute call to schedule an oil change. In a single hour, a person can only address a maximum of 6 or 7 of these calls.

STELLA can schedule a service appointment in under 2 minutes.

Because STELLA can reduce the time to schedule appointments - and handle multiple calls at the same time - dealerships are not limited by their manpower to schedule appointments. STELLA simultaneously recognizes existing customers by their phone numbers. and accesses their profile on the scheduling software. She already knows which vehicles are on the account and can schedule an appointment in under two minutes.

STELLA makes it possible to answer every call coming into your Service Drive.

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