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May 2022 Automotive Dealer Engagement

“The reception in automotive has been better than I could have ever imagined,” says Josselyn Boudett, CEO and Founder of STELLA Automotive.

In May, STELLA Automotive AI participated in three major industry events. Leaders from car dealers across the country responded with curiosity and commitment. We appreciate the interest, engagement, and enthusiasm for the solution that STELLA offers dealerships.

Kain BDC (Business Development Center) Internet Manager Group

“Who can explain the term ‘artificial intelligence’?” asked Josselyn Boudett as she kicked off her session teaching AI fundamentals to the BDC and Marketing leaders assembled in David Kain’s NSM 20 Group. No one raised their hand. She then asked if anyone was using “artificial intelligence” in their dealership. Every hand shot up. Then the conversation began. What “really” is artificial intelligence?

David Kain knows that the term “AI” is used very loosely to describe business intelligence tools and invited technology veteran and entrepreneur, Josselyn Boudett, to educate his 20 Group.

After forty-five minutes of highly engaged conversation regarding the features of ‘true’ artificial intelligence, the group asked to know more about STELLA. Josselyn honored the request and called one of our dealerships currently deploying the STELLA conversational AI tool. They all recognized the value STELLA offered to resolve weaknesses associated with the current phone protocol at their dealerships. The conversation became electric with ideas and questions surrounding how they could adopt artificial intelligence themselves to ease their own staffing problems and customer service experiences.

Digital Dealer Tampa

“Are you STELLA?” was the most frequently asked question at the Innovation Alley booth that STELLA Automotive had at this year’s Tampa Digital Dealer conference. After a few laughs, STELLA team members would introduce dealers and vendors to the real STELLA by calling dealerships using STELLA to manage their service scheduling and reception needs.

The introduction to the digital community at the Tampa event was successful with demo’s given and follow-up meetings planned. We will return to the Fall conference with hopes that Hunter Swift will be asked to be a speaker. AI is a hot topic these days, and AI-enabled digital voice assistant technology offers dealerships an elegant solution – and a bigger bottom line.

DMSC (Digital Marketing Strategies Conference)

Do high quality wines and gourmet food facilitate learning? Absolutely. This year’s DMSC in Napa Valley had all the above in a comfortable setting ideal for networking.

At this year’s DMSC, hosted by Brian Pasch Enterprises, over 100 dealers gathered to meet each other and some of the industry’s most innovative suppliers. From Digital Retailing tools to multiple AI offerings, the vendor partners offered learning highlights and expertise guaranteed to help dealers advance in the new retail landscape.

Hunter Swift, VP of Product for STELLA Automotive AI, participated in a panel entitled “Will Artificial Intelligence replace 50% of BDC and Serice Call Center Staff?”. In that panel, vendors and dealers discussed the value of AI for employees and managers – it is not about replacing staff but empowering them to better serve their customers.

For more insight about artificial intelligence, stay tuned for Q&A sessions with STELLA executives on our website and YouTube Channel. www.stellaautomotive.com/news

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