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Dealership Advisors Open Up About Advanced Tech Handling Service & Sales Calls

Answering phones while trying to manage customers is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! Tune in to learn how STELLA is helping dealerships answer more phone calls, schedule more appointments and increase CSI scores!

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How Conversational AI improves the Human to Human Customer Experience.

Is AI right for your dealership? Will it elevate your service and sales experiences, revenue and CSI? Listen in and see what you think!

Josselyn Boudett, Founder of STELLA AI, discusses the advanced technology behind STELLA and why now is the perfect time for STELLA in your dealership.

"We are lucky to have really high quality people that care about what we are doing, are in it for the long game and are passionate about delivering AI." - Josselyn Boudett, CEO and Founder of STELLA AI

We are receiving, across all brands, a very high satisfaction and high adoption rate to STELLA AI.

Josselyn Boudett, CEO and founder of STELLA Automotive AI, shares an example of a dealer group experience with STELLA AI.

Listen in to the Brian Pasch Podcast as he sits down with industry innovator, Josselyn Boudett to discuss the power of digital voice assistants.

Josselyn Boudett joins hosts Michael Cirillo, Paul J Daly and Kyle Mountsier on Auto Collabs by ASOTU.

Josselyn Boudett, CEO and founder of STELLA Automotive AI, speaks about how the name STELLA was chosen to represent the conversational AI platform that empowers automotive dealerships to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Josselyn Boudett, CEO and founder of STELLA Automotive AI, provides insight into the STELLA team and their unique qualifications.

Q&A with Josselyn Boudett, CEO and founder of STELLA AI shares that we have found that in most cases dealers save more than the cost of STELLA within the first week!

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