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Telepathy Labs Scientists Leading Workshop at COLING 2022

Silvia Terragni and Bruna Guedes will conduct a workshop on Dialog Breakdown Detection.

Zurich, Switzerland - 11 October 2022 -- Telepathy Labs, global provider of AI technology for Fortune 100 businesses, announced that a paper written and presented to COLING 2022 has been accepted for publication and a workshop.

The paper entitled BETOLD: A Task-Oriented Dialog Dataset for Breakdown Detection was written by Silvia Terragni, Bruna Guedes, Andre Manso, Modestas Filipavicius, Nghia Khau and Roland Mathis - all members of the Zurich, Switzerland based Telepathy Labs scientific team responsible for the development of the conversational AI platform know as STELLA™. The workshop will be led by Silvia Terragni and Bruna Guedes in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea.

Senior Vice President of Conversational AI, Vijeta Avijeet says, "the selection for publication and workshop reflects the accomplishments of this talented team. We are proud of our colleagues and look forward to more innovation and discoveries as they build transformative AI technology."

It is this advanced conversational AI technology that powers STELLA Automotive AI, automotive's leading conversational AI digital voice assistant. STELLA AI is in operation in dealerships across the United States, handing inbound calls, answering questions, and booking appointments.

"It is time for the world to understand the accomplishments of this talented team. I could not be more proud of their hard work and dedication to science, to Telepathy Labs, to STELLA AI -- and most importantly, to our customers as we configure solutions to solve real-world problems," says Josselyn Boudett, CEO of Telepathy Labs and Founder of STELLA Automotive AI.

About STELLA Automotive AI
STELLA Automotive AI helps dealers with a major pain point which is answering telephones. STELLA AI is trained to deliver exceptional customer experiences through consistent branding, flawless dialogs, and the collection of essential data. With STELLA AI, dealers free up staff to focus on sales and in-dealership service while STELLA AI handles inbound calls, answers questions, finds and books appointments and takes messages. With a U.S. headquarters in Tampa, Florida, STELLA AI is powered by Telepathy Labs, Inc, a world-class AI technology provider. For more information, visit our website, like us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

About Telepathy Labs
Founded in 2016, Telepathy Labs operates a platform of conversation and data management technologies, supplying AI solutions to Fortune 500 Companies around the world. Currently serving customers at the enterprise level in Automotive, Hospitality, Real Estate, Medical and Agriculture, Telepathy Labs helps businesses streamline data, workflow, and complex systems.

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