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Q&A- What is your customer retention like?

Josselyn Boudett, Founder of STELLA Automotive AI speaks to why almost every dealer that we've deployed is now a referral. Our customers are delighted and happy to share their experiences.

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Josselyn Boudett, CEO and founder of STELLA Automotive AI, shares an example of a dealer's experience after the first weekend of deployment.

Josselyn Boudett, CEO and founder of STELLA Automotive AI, explains Telepathy Labs, the company that designed and built the STELLA Automotive AI conversational AI platform for car dealerships.

As the automotive industry implements digital tools, artificial intelligence is moving forward.

Companies behind digital phone assistants say they can take over some job responsibilities from humans, allowing employees to focus more on the customer experience.

Vice President of U.S. Dealer Sales, Sherri Eidenberg, hires industry veterans to oversee growth .

Solving customer engagement problems and delivering the experience customers expect.

The high cost of customer acquisition alone should make everyone stop and evaluate their existing people processes and structures.

Kristian Kime, Director of AI Engineering & Analytics, explains the process of how STELLA learns new information and is always growing.

Finally, a solution to answer all your dealership’s calls. Alan Krutsch & Hunter Swift join Strategy with Jason at DMSC 2022 to discuss Data-Driven Customer Experience, Vendor Unity & The Mindset of Change. Watch to learn how STELLA AI can help your dealership.

New Vice President of U.S. Dealer Sales adds important industry expertise to the STELLA leadership team.

Inside Auto: Adopting Technology and the Need for Customer-Centric Experiences with Jennifer Sanford

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