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STELLA™ Automotive AI launches comprehensive digital voice assistant

STELLA Receptionist manages all inbound phone calls

Today STELLA Automotive AI, a division of Telepathy Labs, announced the launch of STELLA Receptionist to complement the company’s Service Booking product. The conversational AI-enabled voice assistant can handle all inbound calls for Sales and Service - ensuring that customers quickly get to the right person or department. STELLA Receptionist can also answer frequently asked questions, book appointments, transcribe messages and deliver them via email or text. STELLA Receptionist provides customers with a professional experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a lower cost than employees or outsourced BDC operations.

STELLA Automotive AI launched its first automotive pilot in March 2021 with a service booking multi-layered intelligent voice assistant. Dealerships found STELLA’s capability to simultaneously answer multiple service calls beneficial to their front-line staff, enabling employees to serve in-dealership customers while the BDC focuses on outbound calls. As the product matured, dealerships asked to deploy STELLA at the reception desk to handle all incoming calls.

With its ability to assimilate and curate information quickly, STELLA added receptionist skills related to managing customer sales needs. STELLA Receptionist is simple to deploy, seamlessly integrates with existing VoiP phone systems and manages the entire phone system. Unlike traditional IVR Phone systems which prompt customers to press “1 for sales, 2 for service”, STELLA simply asks, “How can I help you?”
STELLA Receptionist "learns" with each customer conversation -- becoming better day by day. According to Josselyn Boudett, “STELLA Receptionist is the foundation upon which STELLA Automotive AI will build. It is the first in a series of product launches that will continue to evolve to match retail automotive dealership needs.”

STELLA provides an improved customer experience through consistent processes, and reduces the time managers would designate to hiring, managing, and training BDC staff. “Installation is simple, requiring only a day or two to get started. I have seen an immediate improvement in our teams’ productivity without any additional time investment in managing the software. STELLA shows up every day and doesn't call out sick” says Adam Smith of Empire Automotive Group.

To learn more about STELLA Receptionist and STELLA Service Booking, dealers can schedule an appointment by calling 727-955-3550 or visiting www.stellaautomotive.com

STELLA will be at booth #6751N at NADA 2022, March 10-13, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. Product demonstrations are available for scheduling at: www.stellaautomotive.com/NADA2022.

About STELLA Automotive AI

STELLA Automotive AI empowers automotive dealerships to deliver exceptional customer experience using transformative conversational AI technology. STELLA is a multi-intelligent voice assistant and handles inbound calls, answers questions, finds and books appointments. STELLA is a SAAS platform powered by Tiger Sharp AI developed by Telepathy Labs, Inc, a world-class AI technology provider. With a U.S. headquarters in Tampa, Florida, STELLA helps U.S. dealers increase communication engagement, service appointments and customer satisfaction while saving thousands of hours in management and overhead costs. For more information, visit our website, like us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

About Telepathy Labs

Founded in 2016, Telepathy Labs operates a platform of speech, voice, and semantic technology, supplying AI solutions to Fortune 100 Companies around the world. Currently serving customers at the enterprise level in Automotive, Hospitality, Real Estate and Heavy Equipment, Telepathy Labs helps businesses streamline data, workflow, and complex systems. For more information, visit our website https://Telepathy.ai.

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