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FordDirect opens The Shop, a one-stop e-commerce platform for Ford Dealers and Lincoln Retailers

New Platform Provides Business Efficiency and Peace of Mind During Time of Dealership Digital Transformation

DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- FordDirect, a joint venture between Ford dealers, Lincoln retailers and Ford Motor Company, announced today the launch of a new e-commerce platform for dealer solutions called The Shop. The Shop is a curated online shopping experience designed for dealers to meet the challenges of operating in the evolving retail automotive business landscape beyond the products and services that FordDirect already provides to dealers. The Shop, powered by FordDirect, will provide dealers with access to vetted vendors that include pre-negotiated prices for products and services that dealerships need. This will help dealers spend less time searching for vendors and negotiating rates and give them a seamless way to learn about offerings and enroll in new solutions for their stores.

The Shop will continue to add vendors that keep dealers ahead of the technological curve as well as offering dealership employees support and becoming a source to get everyday supplies at a lower cost. Modeled after the best online shopping experiences, The Shop will include the following vendors at launch:

Better Car People, a comprehensive business development center (BDC) engagement platform
ComplyAuto, a leading dealership compliance software platform for privacy, security, safety/HR, F&I and more
OfferLogix, a soft pull credit pre-qualification service
STELLA Automotive AI, One AI solution for a unified experience across all dealership channels
Velocity Automotive, Reconditioning Management Software, Automated Digital Vehicle Portfolios, or both
Volie, automotive call center software for BDCs
WarrCloud, a warranty processing technology platform
Work Truck Solutions, commercial truck and van digital marketing and inventory merchandising tools
"Because we already trust and rely on FordDirect for our digital needs that help us run our business, we look forward to The Shop becoming a place to find additional solutions outside of what's currently provided. FordDirect continues to provide innovation that makes a difference to our operation," said Brian Godfrey, President, Pat Milliken Ford and FordDirect Board Chair.

FordDirect recognizes that dealerships face an increasing demand for day-to-day resources, including meeting customer expectations, complying with regulations, managing employees, updating technology, and planning sales events. The Shop is designed to create more efficiencies and cost savings so that dealerships can focus on core activities.

"As every facet of the auto industry transforms through technology, dealers tell us they are more challenged than ever to stay current while meeting their business goals. We didn't just listen. We acted to provide a solution that meets their needs, explained Dean Stoneley, FordDirect CEO. "The Shop is now open to help Ford Dealers and Lincoln Retailers spend more time doing what they do best while also supporting FordDirect's mission as a trusted partner and resource to find the best vendors in the market for all of their needs."

About FordDirect

FordDirect, headquartered in Dearborn, Mich., connects the worlds of data, analytics, and technology to provide best-in-class digital marketing and advertising solutions exclusively for Ford Dealers and Lincoln Retailers. FordDirect is a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and its dealers with a mission of helping Ford and Lincoln dealerships sell more cars and trucks.

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