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Volie Inc. Integrates it's Automotive BDC Software with STELLA Automotive AI

FORT MYERS, FL, USA, January 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Volie Inc., the leading provider of Automotive BDC Software, today announced an integration with STELLATM Automotive AI, a leader in cutting-edge conversational AI technology to the automotive industry. Together, this integration provides dealers leveraging Volie and STELLA technology with a competitive advantage and the ability to deliver a next-generation automotive retail customer experience.

“Our integration with STELLA Automotive AI is a win for auto dealers and their customers. The goal is to provide a better experience for our dealers’ customers. Working with STELLA Automotive AI will allow our dealers more time to focus on growing their business through outbound calls,” said Scott Davis, Volie President and co-founder.

Rich Sands, CEO of STELLA Automotive AI stated, “By seamlessly integrating our advanced conversational AI technology with Volie’s all-in-one BDC software, dealers are empowered with more robust information, gaining an edge for more intelligent interactions with their customers. We already have dealers taking advantage of this integration and reporting enhanced customer interactions as a result.”

Dealers now enjoy enhanced interactions with Volie's call screen, integrating STELLA data for streamlined communication. This integration provides relevant customer details from prior STELLA conversations, reducing repetitive questions and creating a seamless experience. BDC agents benefit from reduced inbound calls, allowing them to focus on proactive outreach via outbound calls, emails, and SMS to drive business growth.

Volie's modern automotive call center software simplifies BDC operations, eliminating the need for traditional desk phones. The integration campaign engine optimizes daily workflows by seamlessly consolidating data from DMS, CRM, OEM, web leads, and all data sources. This ensures that Volie's solutions prioritize and enhance the most critical areas for dealership agents.

STELLA efficiently manages repetitive calls, seamlessly transferring customers to dealership personnel, like BDC agents, using Volie software. This integration enhances dealership operation, reduces costs, and improves customer service scores.

For more information or to schedule a demo, contact Volie at sales@volie.com, call 239-201-4944, or visit www.Volie.com.

About STELLA Automotive AI

STELLA Automotive AI is the leading provider of intelligent conversational AI technology in the automotive industry. Through its groundbreaking AI solutions, STELLA empowers the automotive industry with a simple-to-deploy SaaS platform that integrates with dealerships and their service providers securely and privately to fully automate repetitive customer tasks, to expedite and improve communication with customers, and to connect experts to those who need help. STELLA answered millions of phone calls and helped customers accomplish their goals quickly and easily. Using natural language STELLA is spearheading an AI revolution in automotive retail by addressing key challenges faced by OEMs, dealers, and customers alike.

For more information about STELLA Automotive AI, please visit https://www.stellaautomotive.com/.

About Volie

Based in Fort Myers, FL, Volie is the communication software for the automotive industry that enables dealers, BDCs, call centers, and vendors to manage campaigns, customer data, and communication types under one powerful platform. It is specifically designed for auto dealers as a unified, web-based platform that integrates data management, automated campaigns, omnichannel marketing including calls, email, and text, and real-time reporting to increase productivity, reduce time-consuming manual tasks, and enable business continuity from anywhere.

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The STELLA Conversation AI technology is automotive's leading digital assistant.

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