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Reduce wait times

And increase service bookings!

Reduce wait times and increase service bookings today!

Problem Solved: Customers don't have time to wait.

Regardless of whether a BDC representative or an IVR answers the phone, extended hold times are a reality in dealerships today. The average wait time for a caller seeking to book a service appointment is 2 minutes and 15 seconds. With today's fast-paced lifestyle, callers can't afford to wait over two minutes before it's possible to begin scheduling a simple appointment.

STELLA AI answers hundreds of calls simultaneously.

In the same time it takes to sit on hold in a dealership, STELLA AI can schedule a service appointment. STELLA AI can handle an unlimited number of dealership calls at the same time so no one sits on hold. STELLA AI immediately recognizes customers, integrates with automotive service schedulers and can schedule appointments without human intervention.

The average time needed to schedule an appointment with STELLA is JUST 1 minute and 55 seconds!

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