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Dealership Groups Simplify Call Monitoring

STELLA is your perfect Service Receptionist.

STELLA can effectively meet the needs of large and growing organizations while maintaining performance, reliability, and security. Three major benefits of deploying STELLA at your dealership group include:

Ease of Use

All dealerships and dealer groups experience a consistent, easy-to-deploy-and-manage solution with STELLA. Because STELLA easily integrates with most scheduling software solutions, dealership personnel don’t have to invest in time-consuming implementations or product oversight. STELLA is as close as it gets to “plug and play” onboarding. Your teams will enjoy the deployment simplicity as well as STELLA’s reporting and customer support.

Improved Profitability

Regardless of the inbound call handling procedures in place, it is impossible for any dealership to answer every inbound call. Industry statistics say that 41% of calls into dealerships are never completed (CarWars). With STELLA, every call is answered. This means more appointments, more calls transferred to the right people, and more questions answered.

Data Security

STELLA was built by – and remains supported by – a sophisticated global engineering team. This enterprise-grade solution is in use at Tier 1 manufacturers across multiple industries worldwide. It adheres to strict data security standards to protect both customer and company information. We have no dependencies on any other AI solutions and data will not be shared with a third-party provider.

STELLA answers multiple calls on the first ring.  Your Service Advisors can focus on your customers without worrying about the phone ringing.  STELLA will answer every call.  Every time.

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