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Increase your Service Advisors’ Performance

Every interruption matters.

STELLA delivers immediate value to dealerships that route their service phone line to their service advisors.  Here are three concrete reasons why your dealership should do so:

Customer experience improves

STELLA answers every call and only transfers those that she can’t handle. That means that the number of calls sent to your Service Advisors drops immediately. She can book, change, and cancel appointments. She answers questions about store hours and location. She even transfers calls to Emergency Roadside Assistance. Customers satisfy their needs on the phone. And, in-dealership customers get the attention that they deserve.

Better service bay scheduling

STELLA fills every lane with ease. Her goal is to satisfy all customers with the appointment time they prefer by using the entire calendar. Because she answers every call, no calls are missed. Every call for an appointment is answered and handled.

Fewer voicemail messages

STELLA works 24/7/365. That kind of coverage guarantees that calls on the weekends, holidays, and overnight will be handled. Voicemails are instantly reduced. No longer must customers wait until Monday morning to call regarding a problem that occurred over the weekend. Now, customers can easily call and schedule appointments any time.

STELLA answers multiple calls on the first ring.  Your Service Advisors can focus on your customers without worrying about the phone ringing.  STELLA will answer every call.  Every time.

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