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Problem Solved: Problem Solved: Too Many IVR Menu Options.

Some IVR systems in retail automotive dealerships have as many as 9 options. The brain can only handle four options at a time. This means that, by the time a caller listens to the entire menu, it’s impossible to remember which number goes to which department. Calls are misdirected. Voicemails go unanswered. Customers are frustrated before they even enter the store.

STELLA eliminates the need for an IVR Menu Tree

STELLA's intelligent technology answers every call with "How can I help you"? There's no lengthy list of menu options or limited selections for the caller. Using plain language, STELLA Service Receptionist routes calls, answers simple questions, and books service appointments. By integrating with the dealership’s service scheduler, STELLA accesses everything necessary to schedule customer appointments in under two minutes. Because STELLA handles an unlimited number of calls at any one time, the number of dealership calls and appointments scheduled only increases.

In one Toyota dealership, service appointments increased 100% over a 4-month period.

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