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Telepathy Labs Scientists Leading Workshop at COLING 2022

Telepathy Labs, global provider of AI technology for Fortune 100 businesses, announced that a paper written and presented to COLING 2022 has been accepted for publication and a workshop.

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Leader in conversational AI technology aligns with STAR to modernize retail automotive business processes nationwide.

Vice President of U.S. Dealer Sales, Sherri Eidenberg, hires industry veterans to oversee growth .

New Vice President of U.S. Dealer Sales adds important industry expertise to the STELLA leadership team.

STELLA Automotive AI, provider of high-end conversational AI technology for automotive dealerships, was selected by automotive dealers as the winner of the 5th Kain Automotive Shark Tank Contest. STELLA is proud to be the recipient of this prestigious award during its first year in Automotive. It’s especially poignant since this is an award selected by dealership employees themselves.

STELLA Automotive AI wins the 2022 AWA Award in the category of Sales Process.

Today STELLA Automotive AI, a division of Telepathy Labs, announced the launch of STELLA Receptionist to complement the company’s Service Booking product. The conversational AI-enabled voice assistant can handle all inbound calls for Sales and Service - ensuring that customers quickly get to the right person or department. STELLA Receptionist can also answer frequently asked questions, book appointments, transcribe messages and deliver them via email or text. STELLA Receptionist provides customers with a professional experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a lower cost than employees or outsourced BDC operations.

Telepathy Labs, global provider of AI technology for Fortune 100 businesses, announced today the launch of STELLA Automotive AI for retail automotive dealerships. STELLA uses a high-end multi-layered intelligent conversational AI technology with cognitive reasoning to streamline repetitive customer communication needs. This allows both franchise and independent car dealers to modernize their business processes and lower expenses, all while offering a high caliber customer experience.

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